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Server Guides

Know how to play the HuabaCraft and become the best of the best by just learning a few tips and tricks made from actual server veterans and their tips? We will include tips, tricks, tutorials, and secrets that will be kept up to date so that even the newest players can start experienced!

Chest Shops

Chest Shops

Create your own shop today at either your base or /warp mall!
You can create your shop any where possible! Follow these steps to make a successful chest shop anywhere you want!

Step 1:
Putting your username

Put your username in the first line!

Step 2:
The amount of item you want to sell/buy

Put the amount of items you want to sell/buy

Step 3:
Set the price for the buy or sell.
B = You are the seller and players can buy from you
S = You are the buyer and players can sell items to you

B = You're selling the item!
S = You're buying the item from others!

Step 4:
Put a question mark on the very last line!

Be sure to not put anything else!

Step 5:
Finish the chest shop process with an item you want to sell/buy!

Works for custom items too!